Marine loading arms , Ganchos de escape rápido , Pasarelas telescópicas , Ayuda al atraque , Techos domos geodésicos , Membranas internas flotantes , RGA , Unidades de recuperación de vapores

About us

Seti Petroleum Equipment is a brand that was born in 2008 with the main objective of covering the demand in the supply of equipment and services dedicated to the hydrocarbon and related downstream industries. We offer solutions for fuel storage and distribution terminals, gas terminals (LNG and LPG), oil refineries and petrochemical terminals.

Our brand has been strengthened during all these years as reliability and faith of work to each of the projects we have worked, leaving an effective mark and results in each of the companies with whom we develop projects.

We are an organization committed to productivity and competitiveness, we provide the best products and / or services in the execution of projects in accordance with the requirements of Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environment.

We make available to your company solutions and products internationally recognized for their excellence in quality, developed and manufactured with the highest standards that exist.

Seti Petroleum Equipment
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