Ship-to-Shore Link

Our Seti Multi Safety Link is a new generation LNG Ship-to-Shore Link. It features unique and advanced equipment and complies with global communication standards in the LNG market.

SMSL is a state-of-the-art Ship-to-Shore Link system available for the global LNG distribution market, such as LNG carriers, FSRUs, FLNG, LNG liquefaction terminals and LNG regasification terminals. The control module contains all relevant functions and intelligence to facilitate multiple safety connections. The connection of the two control modules via a loopback provides fully functional internal testing of ships and offshore installations prior to mooring.

Advantages of SMSL:

  • High compatibility: a Ship-to-Shore-Link solution that is compatible with current standards and existing SSL installations and a highly customized solution for FLNG and FSRU
  • High availability: Multiple redundancy and backup design, minimizing potential downtime.
  • : Active end-to-end functional system and operational testing.: Pruebas operativas y de sistema activas funcionales de extremo a extremo.
  • Web guides: searchable content for accurate information and troubleshooting. Operator has the right to use web translation services as needed
  • Voice recording: The control module manages the recording of all voice communications.


The system is designed in accordance with ISO28460, ISO20519 and SIGTTO ESD directives and according to IMO requirements (IGC and IGF).

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Fibre optic safety link

The fiber optic (FO) safety link is the most commonly used coupler in Ship-to-Shore Link and Ship-to-Ship Link situations.

FO safety link for use in ESD signal communication, telecommunications, hotline and data transmission to monitor the anchor load during anchoring. This secure optical communication is the primary method for the exchange of two-way emergency stop (ESD) signals and voice communication. The fibre optic safety link of each SMSL control module has been demonstrated to be fully compatible with Furukawa fibre optic connections and an equivalent compatible ship-to-shore link system.

Pneumatic safety link

The pneumatic safety link consists of a pneumatic module together with a pneumatic coupling and a reel. The pneumatic module is connected to and controlled by the Ship-to-Shore Link control module. The pneumatic safety connection is designed in accordance with SIGTTO recommendations and is fully compatible with all other SIGTTO-compliant pneumatic ship-to-shore connections available at most LNG terminals and LNG carriers SIGTTO .

  • ESD only
  • Pressurised air line between LNG carrier and LNG terminal (or ship to ship)
  • Pressure regulating and drainage valve on ship or shore side
  • Many Ex'd / e and Non Hazardous solutions for Air Interface Board
  • Snap-tite male/female quick connect plug SVHN8-8F ½

Electrical safety link

The electrical safety link is a standard integrated link in the intelligent Ship-to-Shore-Link system. It creates a physical connection that enables communication between shore and ship and provides Emergency Shutdown Signals (ESD) for cargo operations. The electrical safety link supports voice communication over telephone, private and public lines, and data communication for transmission of berthing cargo monitoring data. The electrical security link is designed to be compatible with the original Pyle 37-way connectors, Miyaki connectors and SIGTTO 5-pin connectors.

Hotphone and Ship-to-Shore Link communication

Our Ship-to-Shore Link system enables voice, race and public line hotphone for Pyle/Miyaki Electrical Link and Fiber-Optic in special Iwatsu mode. A hotphone is a heavy-duty telephone system mounted on a desk or wall. The dial-up hotphone is used with LNG ground-hopping lines and is fully compatible with the now obsolete Iwatsu TS3 unit used in Furukawa's ground-hopping communication systems. This is a dual mode for private line mode and direct line (Iwatsu) mode.

Reels and connector boxes

We have developed a spool design that can be used in many connection solutions, including electrical, optical and pneumatic.

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