Vapor Recovery Units

A Vapor Recovery Unit allows the recovery of vapors emitted from storage tanks, from truck and/or railcar loading operations, as well as from tanker loading/unloading operations.

The recovered vapors are condensed into liquid phase for future use.

Our Vapor Recovery Units are based on activated carbon and the revolutionary dry screw vacuum regeneration technology.
We have supplied more than 200 high quality Vapor Recovery Units worldwide .

Our Vapor Recovery Units comply with all national and international environmental standards and regulations, as well as relevant quality codes and technical standards.

The efficiency, capacity and safety of a Vapor Recovery Unit are based on efficient engineering.

Our engineering department has a central position in our company. Throughout all stages of the project, all information is collected here. Get all the benefits of our expertise in basic and detailed engineering for your new Vapor Recovery Unit or for the efficiency improvement or modernization of your existing Vapor Recovery Unit.

We work in accordance with all applicable national and international standards and regulations. The use of our engineering software and database "AutoCAD Plant3D" from Autodesk guarantees a high degree of engineering reliability .

Vapour Recovery Units often work with marine loading arms for optimal product movement operation.


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Advantages for customers

By installing a Vapor Recovery Unit, our customers will:

  • Protect the environment by drastically decreasing VOC emissions at their terminal
  • Increase safety at their terminal by recovering a potentially explosive mixture in an explosion-proof system
  • Protect the health of your personnel, neighbors and visitors who are exposed to these hazardous vapors


  • The entire system is explosion-proof at a pressure of 9 bar
  • All valves are equipped with open/close limit switches
  • Gasoline pumps installed below liquid level
  • High and low level switches in the reabsorption column
  • Activated carbon bed temperature monitoring
  • Outlet temperature of vacuum pumps < 50°C
  • Inlet detonator
    Two positive shutoff valves on each gasoline circulation line

Features of the Vapor Recovery Unit

  • Minimized energy consumption through the use of frequency-controlled vacuum pumps that allow a flexible vacuum capacity proportional to the mass of the hydrocarbon to be treated
  • Dry screw technology allows the treatment of a wide range of hydrocarbon molecules
  • Our process respects all required emission limits (the most severe in Germany)
  • The lifetime of the activated carbon is enhanced by a controlled regeneration technology, which provides a balanced loading of hydrocarbons on the carbon in the adsorption and regeneration phase
  • In combination with an improved and patented vapor distribution system within the activated carbon beds, dust formation due to vacuum breakage is eliminated
  • Our Vapor Recovery Units are ATEX, simple, compact, easy to operate and maintain
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