Marine loading arms

The transfer of all fluids and liquefied gases into the smallest barge or the largest crude oil tanker can be carried out safely using marine loading arms.

Symmetrical in design, special attention has been paid to the axes of rotation of the pantograph beam in both design and material selection, ensuring smooth operation and minimal maintenance.

Our simple counterweight balancing system makes maneuvering the arms both manually and hydraulically safe and easy, saving time and labor.

Our marine loading arms require minimal maintenance and all arm seals can be replaced without scaffolding or dismantling the loading arm. 

Our loading arms are manufactured to the latest OCIMF requirements and to the standards of the major oil companies. 

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Features of our marine loading arms

  • Diameters from 4" to 20"
  • Materials: carbon, stainless and low temperature steels, with PTFE or rubber inner protective coating and other special alloys
  • Temperature range -200º C / +300º C


The ERC provides a safe, spill-free and fully automatic disconnection of the Loading Arm from the vessel the moment it exceeds the safe working envelope the arm is designed for. 

An ERC basically consists of two ball valves placed as close together as possible. The flanges of the two valves are joined by clamps that allow the two valves to be physically separated.

After the ball valves are closed, one closes the loading arm and the other closes the manifold, the latter remaining mounted on the vessel during disconnection.


The hydraulic Quick Connect/Disconnect (QC/DC) coupling offers the possibility to connect the loading arm to the manifold by pressing a button from a remote distance. Benefits:

  • Speed and safety
  • Clamps are individual units and are the same for flange sizes from 6" to 20"
    Clamps remain closed in the event of hydraulic power failure
  • QC/DC multisize can be configured up to two sizes smaller. The adapter can convert a 16" coupler to a 12" coupler or even smaller up to 10" in as little as 5 minutes without tools


First and foremost, the coupler has a simple design and is uncomplicated. The jaws are very robust and do not require regular maintenance. Hydraulic Quick Connect/Disconnect QC/DC Couplers can replace the hydraulic couplers already installed on the marine loading arm, thus facilitating connections and reducing maintenance cost to a minimum.

Solutions for LNG

Beyond our LNG Marine Loading Arm, we also offer Bunkering solutions.

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