Truck loading arms

Bottom loading arms source are used for both open and closed circuit fluid transfer.

Standard bottom arms are provided with five swivel joints and a multi-spring balancing cylinder. A second balancing system can be applied to keep the connecting piping in a straight horizontal direction , in case the connecting piping is equipped with heavy elements such as ball valves, breakaway couplers or dry break couplers.

Bottom loading arms are mounted on a self-supporting column with locking facilities.


Top loading arms are designed to load (or unload) tanks from the top. These tanks can be small containers (barrels), rail or road tankers or ISO containers.

Standard top arms are provided with four swivel joints for the product line and a balancing system (counterweight or multi-coil spring cylinder).

Top loading arms can be equipped with a large number of accessories. Depending on the requirements involved, the design can vary between standard solutions and tailor-made solutions.


Among our specialties, we can mention:

  • Applications corrosive: PTFE lined loading arms
  • Fluids high viscosity or very low temperature: electrical trace, steam or hot oil jackets to ensure temperature is maintained.
  • Products: bitumen, asphalt, acids, petrochemical products corrosive

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Design data may include:

  • Fluid type, viscosity, temperature and pressure
  • Capacity in cubic meters per hour (m³) or tons per hour
  • Multi-product loading
  • Number of different fluids in a loading station
  • Number of loading arms being filled simultaneously in a tank
  • PED 97/23/EC classification
  • Required level of operator safety / area classification
  • Environmental requirements
  • Purging requirements
  • Integration with metering installations or weighbridges, control and/or shut-off valves
  • Dimensional information of the (existing) loading station and tanks

Features of our truck loading arms:

  • Diameter: 1″(DN25), 2″(DN50), 3″(DN80), 4″(DN100) y 6″(DN150)
  • Materials (pipes): carbon steel, stainless steel, low temperature steel, PTF coated steel, other materials on request, heat tracing, insulated
  • Inner body : Stainless steel, duplex, Hastelloy, or application specific
  • Seals PTFE-C, PTFE-virgin, FPM, NBR, UHMW-PE, or others upon request
  • Balancing: Spring and/or counterweight cylinder
  • Temperature range-200°C to +300°C
  • Pressure range: max. 120 bar
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