Prefabricated steel plates

We supply API 650 prefabricated tank plates, for fast efficient and economical assembly of storage tanks.

Las chapas son shot-blasted, painted (primer) rolled, beveled and marked at our plant in Europe.

Over many years of experience in our field, we have positioned ourselves as the leader for prefabricated sheets for API fuel storage tanks.

We have supplied more than 500,000 tons:
Annular and bottom plates, cylindrical and conical rolled to radius shell plates, roof plates and roof structures

We fabricate the plates according to your specifications, they arrive on time and are ready to weld.

We provide time and cost saving solutions by supplying fully prefabricated steel parts ready for welding.

Our prefabricated API tank plates API are processed in close cooperation with the customer's engineering staff and prefabricated according to individual technical requirements.

We deliver construction and one-stop-shop services according to the customer's needs.

Our scope includes all types of work related to steel construction and welding. All welders operate with valid ISO certificates.

They work perfectly with our  geodesic domes roofs and internal floating roofs.

If you have any questions, please contact us via Whatsapp or our contact form. We will be glad to help you.


Prefabricated Steel Plates

  • Annular and bottom plates
  • Cylindrical and conical rolled to radius shell plates
  • Roof plates and roof structures
  • Floating roof structures
  • Structural steel elements
    Nozzles, manholes, stairs, platforms, etc.
  • Custom build saddles for transportation


  • Shot-lasting
  • Plasma and gas cutting up to 200 mm thickness
  • Rolling and pressing of steel plates up to 100 mm thickness
  • Mechanical and gas beveling
  • Welding and assembling
  • Profiling
  • Drilling
  • Hard stamping and marking
  • Painting up to 150µ DFT
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